Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just As Planned

Pretty much as I predicted. For week, I've been saying that we should all three carry our bags on the plane. Last night I realized when we were packing that we weren't going to have room I bring anything home with us. So we packed a bigger bag. I left that decision up to my husband. I have had this fear of our baggage getting lost and having to replace clothes in a very expensive city.
Remember how I said we had to wait on our plane to get fixed this morning? They took so long that we ended up landing in Atlanta at 9:45. Perfect timing! Except our flight to NYC left Atlanta at 9:35. When we got off the plane in gate C4, we found out they put us on a new flight at 10:30 in gate T4. I asked a Delta employee how we needed to get Peyton's bag off the plane, since his is the only one we checked. The guy assured me that it would be on the correct plane.
When we finally landed in NYC, I checked my email and there it was. An email from Delta saying Peyton's bag didn't quite make it with us. We filled out paperwork to get it back and here we are at 6:35 waiting on it still. I called and they said its on the way and should be here soon.
*Update-they finally delivered it around midnight so they brought it up to us the next morning. 

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