Sunday, October 7, 2012

More New York

When we finally got here we were exhausted. We walked over to Rockefeller Center to pick up our Explorer passes. We got some hot dogs on the street and walked around for a while. We went in St Patricks Cathedral and showed Peyton around in there. We went to the Yankee Clubhouse Store so he could buy a new Jeter shirt and some other goodies. Then we went to Bryant Park, ate lunch again and watched the people. Then we came back to the hotel and took a much needed nap.
When we woke up, we went to The Heartland Brewery for dinner. We were so exhausted after dinner that we came back to the hotel and did absolutely nothing.
There was a wedding party leaving a hotel near ours and this was their getaway car.

I sure wish I had $900 laying around because I would definitely buy this. My husband and I were at this game in 2004 when Derek Jeter dove into the stands to catch a ball. This is autographed and everything. Maybe one day...
New York Public Library

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