Monday, September 24, 2012

Something different

I recently bought this chest of drawers. It was nothing fancy. In fact, it was downright sad. It was inexpensive due to its condition though which was good enough for me. The top had gaps between the boards, the veneer was messed up on the sides and it was...well ugly. I always try and see ye potential in old furniture. I always try and save time and money too.
So instead of replacing the veneer or removing it and patching it, I cut off a board I had in my garage and put it in place on both sides. Easy fix!
I cut a new piece of luan for the back bc it wasn't in great shape either.
I used stainable wood filler for the top. I filled in the places between the cracks then sanded it after a few days when it was completely dry.
The drawers are all dove tailed so I glued the joints back together to make sure everything is tight.
The drawer fronts needed to be sanded down pretty well too. After all of this, I was ready to paint it.
I chose Napoleonic Blue. It makes a nice bold statement. Then I chose to use my new chevron stencil and paint Old White chevron stripes on the drawer fronts. This was my first time stenciling anything like this and there are definitely some mistakes in the pattern. Shhhh...don't tell!
Then I got out the orbital sander and sanded the drawer fronts down. I applied clear and dark wax then buffed it until everything was smooth.
I really do love this piece! I still have to wax the rest of the dresser and paint some new hardware for the whole thing but it should be up for sale soon.
Here's a sneak peek.

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