Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handwritten Recipes

I just had a random thought. I have a lot of recipes that belonged to my aunt and grandmother that they handwrote on index cards, or clipped out of newspapers, magazines, etc... My mom has recipes that were handwritten by her parents as well. Thanks to Pinterest and computers, most of the recipes we have these days are printed out or pinned online somewhere. We won't have any handwritten recipes to pass down to our children and grandchildren.
I was just about to print out a recipe I found online for Parmesan Potato Wedges but I stopped myself and said NOPE, I'll hand write this one. So I did. Maybe we should start doing this more often so they can be passed down.
Deep thoughts by Amanda Jones

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  1. Hi Amanda

    It is sad ina way that anything handwritten is almost a thing of the past.

    When my children got married I handwrote recipe books of their favorites for both of them. I left blank page sin the books so they could then write theri own for their children so they could pass the book on someday.

    PS: You'll enjoy the Roosevelt Island tram! The idsland is also a nice place to stroll around. I hope you read my post about it next week. :)