Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sofa Table Redo

A friend of mine has been looking for a sofa table for a while now. She found one on a local "ebay" type site recently and bought it. She really wanted one with a shelf underneath but couldn't find one so she just bought this one.

She brought it over for me to paint. While she was here with it, I asked her if she wanted me to add a shelf for her. It seemed a lot easier in my mind and my husband was kicking me as those words were coming out of my mouth. Of course, I didn't notice immediately but these legs had a weird shape. They weren't perfectly square.

My dad drew out the outline of the legs on a piece of plywood that my husband cut. A lot of work with the jigsaw, a couple handfuls of paper towels, neosporin and gauze later the grooves were cut out. Yeah, my dad brought over his brand new jigsaw that he got for Christmas. He hadn't used it yet but he sure broke it in Saturday. Bless his heart, he ripped his finger open a couple places and we all know how fingers bleed. Yikes!

Anyway, after we got the shelf attached, I primed the whole thing, painted it with ASCP Off White, waxed with clear & dark wax, replaced the hardware and called it a night. Here's the sofa table now.

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