Monday, July 12, 2010

Southern Living at Home: Guest Bedroom

I thought I'd take a minute and give you some tips on how to use some of our sale items to create the perfect guest bedroom.
I currently don't have a guest bedroom but it's in the works. Here are some great ideas for making your guests feel right at home.
Ashford Bedside Set $19.96. This is great for keeping some lemon water (or cucumber water) next to the bed in case your guests get thirsty.
The Abingdon Wine Rack is $29.96. I'm not suggesting that you stock the room full of wine for your guests (well heck, maybe your guests want to have wine before bed) but this would be great in the bathroom with hand towels rolled up on it.
Gail Pittman Siena Hand Painted Cafe Mugs $8.96 for a set of two. Your guests will surely love a cup of hot coffee in the mornings. These coffee mugs are beautiful and would great on a breakfast in bed tray, or you can have them waiting in the kitchen for when they wake up.
Petite Accent Tray $27.48. This would be great on a dresser for your guests to put their jewelry on before they go to bed.
Petite Arrange-it-Easy Vase $10.96 is perfect for a few fresh flowers for your guests to smell every morning.
If your guests enjoy a cup of hot tea, we have the Harmony Teapot $8.96 and the Harmony Teacups (set of 4) for $6.96. They are a beautiful, deep red color.
Jackson Square Mirror $44.96. Perfect for your guests to get one more glance in the mirror as they get ready to come down for breakfast.
Renaissance Candlesticks $28.96 (set of two). Perfect accessory to put a pillar candle on to add an extra touch to the room.
Then there are several candles from $8.98 to $9.98 that are perfect to make the room smell fresh and clean all day.

It's always important to make your guests feel welcome and feel right at home when they're staying with you.

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  1. Can I come live with you? I have a feeling i would be pampered. :):)