Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living Room Addition

I met a very talented friend named Kathy through my son's baseball team this year. Her son played with Peyton and her husband coached. They are good people for sure! She is talented. She can knit, sew, paint, do woodworking, you name it. As the Beastie Boys would say, she's crafty! She came in our house one time and took a look at an empty corner in our hearth room and immediately had an idea for it. She had gotten these old shutter/doors from her grandpa's barn a while back. She two a set of them, spray painted them black and sanded down the edges a bit and there we go...our corner is not so lonely anymore. We are going to get another set to go next to these but they are seriously fabulous! I am not a great photographer so the pictures don't do them justice but take my word for it....FABULOUS!! Thank you Kathy Pet(like a dog)row(like a boat)ski(down a hill). You are a great friend and I'm very lucky to have found you. XOXO

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