Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day!!

i can't believe the weekend is almost over, they really fly by! we haven't done much at all this weekend. we took peyton swimming saturday morning. i'm convinced that children just dont get hot out in this nasty heat. he could stay out there all day long. after swimming, we went to costco, sam's and kroger trying to get our freezer & fridge restocked after last weekend's storm. now we have tons of food. if graham can get off work, we'll have a 4th of july party next weekend so hopefully he can. today has been a lazy day. we drove around in fayette county this morning looking for a house within our budget that had everything we wanted. good luck with that. we're working with a realtor now so maybe he can find us what we're looking for at a great price. peyton has been down at the neighbor's all afternoon on a moon bounce for their grandson's birthday party. peyton is the whitest kid in the world so after a few hours of jumping, he turns a whole new shade of red. it's amazing. he should be exhausted but he's not. he wants to go out and ride his bike now.
this week is vacation bible school so he's really looking forward to that. as long as he's around children, he is having a blast. he's going to go swimming with his friends hailey & branden after VBS tomorrow and he cannot wait for that. they used to live 2 doors down from us but sadly they moved last year. he misses them terribly, we all miss them terribly.
i hope everyone has a great week and hopefully i'll have something eventful to post next weekend.

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