Sunday, June 14, 2009

thank God for air conditioning

what a fun weekend this has been! so friday afternoon, i am on my way home from work and the storm is heading this way. i barely made it home and got all of the candles lit (just in case the power went out) and then boom, there it went. the worst part was, our house was already 83 degrees b/c our programmable thermostat is messed up so during the day, it gets hot in here. when i called MLG&W, they said our power would be back on at 10pm. we ended up getting our power back at 7:30 saturday night. it was bad but i know it could have definitely been worse so i'm not complaining.
last night i watched the movie Gran Torino and if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it. it was some of Clint's finest work. i loved it and i'm not a huge movie watcher at all.
today was nice, i went to my friend brandy's baby shower and had a great time.
not much else to report at the jones house.

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