Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been MIA (again) for a while. My life has been consumed with a china cabinet. A friend of mine brought me a china cabinet and wanted it painted. It's over 100 years old and belonged to her great-great grandmother. Sounds easy enough right?
Before she brought it over, she had to go get it out of storage. After she got it she realized a few boards might need to be replaced. Ok, still no problem. When it got to my house I realized as beautiful as she once was, this cabinet had seen much better days. I suggested to her that the whole thug be rebuilt, keeping only a few main pieces. She agreed and work began. We had to first take it apart, board by board. I had boxes of boards sitting next to it. One box contained pieces that we would be salvaging, one was garbage and one was pieces that we had to rebuild so we had to keep them for inspiration. I'm not believing a didn't take a before picture but my husband started knocking the boards out before I could even say STOP.
Here is a picture of it when we took it all apart. That's my neighbor holding it up.

**this was supposed to post last week so read this and then read todays post to see before (kinda) and after pics.

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