Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dresser to Console

People are always giving me a list of furniture items they want me to be on the lookout for. A friend of mine recently told me she needed a TV console for their living room.
When I found this dresser online, I knew I had to get it for her. She needed it to have two shelves for their components. I started by painting everything in ASCP Versailles. The color was so beautiful that I didn't want to distress it or put dark wax on it. Then I removed the back of the dresser. It was attached with 6,228 very large staples. Okay not that many but A LOT! I figured up where the shelves would need to be and I used scrap wood to make cleats for the shelves to sit on.
After that, my husband had to step in to help me. He cut some plywood for the shelves and two pieces to act as vertical braces, to attach the plywood to. He got the ole nail gun out and we secured everything in place. Then we attached the back, drilled holes in the back so air could flow through. Finally I painted the new pieces we installed, put the drawers in and called it done. Oh, she LOVED it!

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