Friday, May 18, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I'm not talking about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens here people. I go to Lowe's at least once a week, sometimes more. I worked at a hardware store and lumberyard for 6 years so it just reminds me of those good ole days. Ever since I started working on furniture though, I go for sandpaper, hardware, paint brushes, sandpaper, primer, sandpaper. You know, the necessities! Anyway, there are a few products that I would really love and they'd make my job a lot easier. I will get around to buying them one of these days. So here's my wish list: The first product is the Kreg Jig. I am dying for this! You attach it to your wood and make pocket holes with it. Which in turn helps you join your wood very easily.
There's also a mini-version, the Kreg Jig Jr. I'll probably start with this one just because I'm cheap. Funny, when I'm buying things for everyone else, I am definitely not cheap but when it comes to getting something for myself, I pinch pennies. Next, a new sander. Most of the tools in my garage belong to my dad. Every time he comes over to help me with a project, he loads his car down with more things he thinks I'll need and sometimes they get left behind. I have his belt sander and his orbital sander. I recently ordered a replacement pad for his orbital sander to get it working better but I'd still love to have one of my own.
I keep seeing the commercials for this Dremel Trio and I really, really want to buy one.
And my favorite thing of all is a Lowe's gift card. We have had a Discover Card for a couple of years now. I put all of our purchases on that card and with the rewards, I always choose a Lowe's gift card.
I could list many, many more items but honestly, it's 10:30 and I'm old so goodnight everyone!!

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