Sunday, April 15, 2012

"My husband hates that I met you"

I received the best compliment from someone today. She said those words to me, "my husband hates that I met you". I was thrilled! See, I met a new friend on a local website where people buy and sell things. She bought an end table I painted recently. When she came to pick it up, we started talking about furniture and she said she had a piece to bring over to me to get painted. She contacted me last night and said she wanted to buy another end table that I had for sale too. Her husband must really love me. HAHAHA!!
She came over Saturday afternoon and brought me this. It was in two pieces and looked pretty sad. The inside had some type of thatched wallpaper in it. Yuck!

She had barely pulled out of the driveway when I whipped out the belt sander and started sanding the top of it down. I went through a lot of sandpaper for the orbital sander and a couple pieces for the belt sander too. Off to Lowe's I went for more sandpaper. She said she wanted the top stained dark and the body painted Coco. Late last night she texted me and said she wanted it painted Arles instead. I was very glad to hear that because I thought it would look a lot better. The inside wood is very thin and just pieced together. Between that the wallpaper in it, it needed some work. She said she didn't want any of that redone, just painted & distressed. After I got finished with it today, I had to at least put some contact paper inside to cover up that old wallpaper. It looks a lot better now. She was thrilled with it and that's all that matters to me. :)


  1. Holy cow- that before and after is amazing. What a work of art! -kate