Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forecast: Busy with a chance of no end in sight!!

I LOVE being busy! I absolutely love this new hobby of mine. Painting furniture is so much fun. It's hard work but so rewarding. I love seeing the transformations that take place. I have so much furniture all of my garage and house right now. My husband loves this! Okay, he doesn't so much love it but he doesn't mind the extra money that I'm making. Here's some of the stuff I have to work on.

This beautiful chest of drawers is sold. It's going to be painted with ASCP Louis Blue for a little girl's room.

This vanity matches the chest of drawers and is also being painted with Louis Blue for the same little girl.

This vanity is for sale for $150 and will be painted any color you want, with your choice of hardware. Perfect for a little girl to sit and play dress up.

These nightstands are for sale, $120 for the pair, and they can be painted any color you want.

This end table is for sale for $50 and can be painted any color. That wooden shell design is also going to be removed and replaced with something a little more modern.

This chair is for sale for $25 and can be painted any color.

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