Sunday, July 18, 2010

School Clothes Shopping

Peyton is never excited to go to the mall with me. It generally consists of a trip to Ann Taylor, Victoria's Secret and the Macy's shoe department. He complains the whole time and can't wait to leave. However, today was very different. Peyton has always attended private school, since K4. He will be attending Arlington Elementary in the Fall. So no more school uniforms. Now he can wear regular clothes and he couldn't be happier. So today I took him to the mall and we went to Abecrombie & Fitch Kids. We weren't able to get much but he did get a few things. They have a 20% off sale going on so we got a discount on our entire purchase. He even got a bottle of cologne. Good gracious. This boy is 9 years old. It makes me so sad to think that he is wearing Abecrombie and wanting cologne.

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