Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Wish List

Each time a new catalog arrives, I sit down and make my wish list. There are always so many new gorgeous products that I can't live without. Of course, I don't buy them full price. I host parties and get them half price or 50% off. Now, when you host a party that totals at least $250, you can pick ANY item in the catalog for 70% off. This should help get some of the more expensive items in the catalog quicker.
So here's my list:
page 7 Lady Jane Bottleneck Vases lg $79.96, small $49.96
page 11 Santorini Urn $57.96
page 13 Pixie Measuring Spoons $19.96
page 28 Italian Stitch Rectangular Platter $34.96
page 33 Nola Party Bucket with Stand $109.96 (this will definitely be one of those 70% off items I was talking about)
page 37 French Wire Plant Holders $39.96 set of two
page 41 Cyprus Footed Bowl $49.96
page 43 Caitlin Standing Cross $17.96
page 47 Terra Vida Platter $51.96
page 49 Terra Vida Bowl $62.96
page 60 Bradford Lattice Lanterns $145.96 set of two (this will also be one of those 70% off items)
page 71 Cinnabar Casseroles (Rectangular $57.96) (Square $42.96)

Well, I think I'll put the catalog now. This is definitely enough. But I guarantee you, that it won't be hard to earn all of these products for FREE. Especially since August is DOUBLE HOSTESS POINT'S MONTH!!!!

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