Monday, March 1, 2010


Now that I have the end tables purchased, I figured I better go find some lamps for them. I found a fabulous store FULL of lamps at great prices. It's called the Home Decor Outlet and it's in West Memphis, AR. They have lamps, candlesticks and little decorative pieces to sit around the house. I bought these two lamps for $40 each and that included the lampshade. They have boxes full of finials to choose from for $2 each or you can swap out the one on your lamp. They also have tons of lampshades to choose from if you want to swap out the one on the lamp you choose. The girl that worked there was the owner's daughter and she was so helpful. She went back and found the lampshade that matched the one I had from another lamp in the store. The end result is these two gorgeous lamps. I don't have the shades on them right now. I'm waiting on the end tables to get here before I put them all together.

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