Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peyton is back in business

The whole family chipped in and bought Peyton a four wheeler for Christmas a couple of years ago. On Christmas morning, we had everyone over for brunch and then had a scavenger hunt and Peyton's last clue was the four wheeler which was out on the driveway. When we handed him the keys, it wouldn't start. We finally got it started and he rode it that day, which was a VERY cold day. He rode it that afternoon, and two times after that. Ever since, it hasn't worked. We tried to fix it a few times with no luck. Graham took it to the place we bought it the other day and they got it running again. Peyton is thrilled! His friend down the street has a go-kart so he is so excited to have his own wheels back. Him and his friends took turns riding it today and they had so much fun.
Peyton is at his cousin's house tonight for a sleepover. It's Zachary's 10th birthday. I know they are going to be up all night long and they will have a great time. Graham and I went to Nagasaki for dinner. It's always interesting to see who you will share the table with. Tonight, we ate with 6 great people. A couple, their teenage sons, and the woman's mom. They were so nice and friendly. It was the woman's birthday and they invited us to eat cake with them when we were done but we were so stuffed all we could do was go home and crash. On the way home, I convinced Graham to stop by Ashley Furniture so we could get some end tables. We will pick them up this week and work on making the living room look like an actual living room.

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