Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilts in progress...

Yes, it's hard for me to finish a project once I start it. That's why I have one purse and two quilts that are unfinished. The only project I have completed lately, is a pin cushion that wasn't all that hard. I didn't do something right but it turned out okay and it will serve its purpose.

The pink quilt is mostly Amy Butler fabrics (if not all). I am going to put that pink striped material on the back of it...one day.

The blue quilt is Marcus Brothers fabrics. I ran out of the floral patterned fabric so I ordered some that I thought was it. Turns out, the background colors are different. So I might have to leave the quilt as it is, very small. It could be a lap quilt. I have three new Marcus Brothers fabrics that I bought to make a Vera Bradley style purse. I know, I know...it will never happen. But I really do have good intentions. So I will use one of these fabrics for the back of my blue quilt. Let me know which one you think would look best.

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