Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

One item on my bucket list was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, I can check it off now. After all of the walking we have been doing I have to admit that walking 1.3 miles across it wasn't high on our priority list. Monday morning we took the subway to Brookyln and grabbed some breakfast at Cranberry's. It was the tiniest little place but they had really good breakfast and they were super nice. Then we began our trek over to the bridge and began our hike. Honestly, 1.3 miles wasn't bad at all. There were several places to stop and rest, and most importantly to take photos of the breathtaking views of NYC. We stopped along the way and bought some artwork too. I asked the artist if I could take his photo and he was tickled and said yes. I'll post pictures of the artwork after we get them framed. I really wish I had his name or contact information because I would love to have some more of his pictures. They were amazing!

After our walk, we were famished so we headed toward Little Italy. Of course Peyton had to stop and get a hot dog before lunch. We took some pictures along the way of different buildings downtown.
We went to Little Italy and ate pizza at Lombardi's. Then we walked around SoHo and did some window shopping. Peyton bought some mini-cupcakes and ate them in about 5 seconds.
Then we headed back to the subway to go to our hotel, for a much needed nap.

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