Monday, August 20, 2012

Antique Old White Desk

I bought this beautiful desk a while back. It's pretty old and it was quite beautiful already. I put it up for sale recently and someone bought it immediately. She wanted the top refinished and everything else painted white with dark wax over it.
I refinished the top with Kona stain and painted the whole desk in Old White. After I saw how beautiful it was in white paint, I just couldn't put dark wax on it. She agreed so I just put clear wax on and distressed it. I am blown away by its beauty now.


  1. I'm here from Primitive and Proper. I love what you did with your desk. it looks stunning in white and you were right in not using dark wax on it.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful - great great job!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love this desk too. I wish I had room for all of the furniture that I transform.

  4. Imagine my blown away mind when I saw this desk! I have an identical one that I just purchased at a garage sale on Saturday and have just finished and am going to work on editing the pictures today. I did mine the exact same way! Great minds think alike. I am going to sell my old vanity and use this one as a vanity in it's place.

    1. I am such a big fan of this look! I love a dark stained wood top paired with Old White. I think it is such an elegant and timeless look. Great job!

  5. What a beautiful desk! I love rich wood top!

  6. Thanks everyone! Terry-I'd love to see yours too. This is a timless look for sure and it seems like everyone wants it. I can totally see why. :)