Saturday, June 16, 2012

Removing veneer

Most furniture has veneer on it. Most furniture I acquire is very old and the veneer needs to be removed. I got this old chest of drawers recently and it needs a lot of TLC. One side needs the veneer completely removed. I started working on it today. I took off as much as I could with a chisel and by hand. Then I started working with a small pry bar. As a last resort I broker out my iron. I figured I might as well use it for something right?
First you need to fill the iron full of water. Then you need to turn the iron on high. You will need a lot of steam for this. I turned the chest on its side so I would have a flat surface to work on. Put a dish towel over the veneer and spray it with water, a good bit of water will be needed. Then iron over it. Leave the iron on it and let the heat and steam remove the glue. Take off your towel and start prying the old veneer off with a chisel or pry bar and it should come off a lot easier. Stay tuned for the after picture....

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