Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dresser Makeover ASCP Graphite

I worked all weekend on this one piece of furniture. It was in pretty bad shape and in need of a serious makeover. I even had to call my dad over with his belt sander to help out.

We sanded down the top, removing the veneer, did the same on the sides of the top, did a lot of repairs (gluing, nailing, cleaning, etc..) then it was ready to paint.

I brought it inside to paint on Sunday because it was cold out in the garage. This was my first time painting with the Graphite paint. I didn't research it enough before I painted with it obviously. The first coat was dark gray. The second coat was just a darker gray. Then I read about it on Annie Sloan's website. The key to this paint is the dark wax. After a coat of clear wax and then dark wax, it turns into a beautiful slate color.

This is what the drawers looked like after two coats of paint, a coat of clear wax and a coat of dark wax. The bottom drawer is what they look like with just the graphite paint. HUGE difference!!

Here's the before picture again

And here is the end result! I think it turned out great. I cleaned up the original hardware and put contact paper in the drawers because they were stained inside.