Monday, January 16, 2012

....and the footboard

When this footboard was brought to me to paint and distress, I noticed that part of the beautiful scroll work was missing on it. I thought I could easily make a piece for it. HAHAHAHA!! That's what I get for thinking. First I resorted back to my kindergarten artwork days. I took out a piece of paper and a crayon and I traced over the place where the piece was missing. This was my "official" template. I bought a piece of maple and I traced my pattern onto the wood. Then I used a band saw to cut it out. I went through about 5 of these cut out pieces until I got the right one.
Of course, the scroll work is rounded on the edges so this was a big obstacle for me. I borrowed a friend's Dremel tool and got to work. Oh yeah, and my dad had to come over and save the day and help too. Thanks dad!

I cut the piece out and sanded it down by hand to start rounding the edges. We glued it to the footboard and then once it was dry, we started sanding it down with the Dremel tool until it was even with the rest of the scroll work. This seemed much easier in my head than it actually ended up being. We sanded, and sanded and sanded some more and just when I thought we were done guess what? Yep! We sanded again!
Anyway, of course, the piece of wood that we used doesn't match the rest of the bed because the bed is mahogany and the piece we used is maple so this created a bit of a problem when I distressed it this morning.
Okay, I'll be quiet. Here's a before shot of the footboard:

And here are the after shots

Next up, a chifferobe & vanity with mirror. I can't wait to get a hold of this furniture and make it B-E-A-Utiful again!!

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