Saturday, October 22, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

If you haven't heard of this stuff yet, check it out. It's called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Not chalkboard paint, chalk paint. You don't have to prime whatever it is you are going to paint, just start painting. It goes on wood, metal, walls, whatever you want to paint. It's a chalky consistency and covers up imperfections in what you're painting. She also sells special waxes and brushes that you can use in your project. This paint is perfect if you want to distress a piece of furniture. Anyway, there aren't a lot of places that you can buy it. There are a few stockists around the country so if there isn't one near you, you'll have to pay to ship it. I had two quarts shipped from Jackson, MS which is about 3 hours from our house and it was $14 to have it shipped, because it's sent next day. Also, the cost of the paint isn't cheap. It's $36 a quart and the wax is $26 for each container (they have clear and dark). So if you're looking for an inexpensive paint, this isn't for you. But it will go on perfectly with just one coat and it looks great layered on top of other colors.
We drove up to Brentwood yesterday to a store called C'est Moi, who is an Annie Sloan stockist. They had tons of it on the shelves and had some very knowledgeable ladies there to help us with our choices. They had several pieces of furniture that they had painted with this paint and used her special wax to make it look even better. I took pictures of a few pieces that they painted for inspiration for my own projects.

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