Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zeva, Zeva, The Puppy Diva

This is the song I sang to my dear sweet Zeva girl every day. A co-worker of mine rescued this beautiful girl from her apartment complex back in June. Someone had tied her up to a park bench and left her out in 100+ degree temps for over 24 hours. She went to a few different homes within the next week and then I saw a picture of her and brought her home with me. She is the sweetest thing!! She's a chocolate lab mix. We think she might be mixed with Irish Setter or something but we aren't sure. Anyway, her and Barney have been great pals since she came into our home. She loved to play and is a very high energy dog. Barney couldn't even begin to catch up to her. The last few weeks though, they have started fighting. Last weekend, they fought and Graham was home and couldn't get them apart. They finally got finished fighting and simmered down. Well, Friday when I came home from work they got into it again pretty bad. I finally got them apart and then separated them. That's when I knew that we had to find her a new home. After I separated them, I thought they had cooled down and could be together again. I have never been more wrong. They got into even worse at this point. They both bit each other all over. Their ears were ripped, they both had puncture wounds all over them and I was covered in their blood from trying to break them up. Barney drug me around the house when I was holding onto Zeva trying to split them up. Luckily, I only have a few bruises and only my finger got bruised. Barney went to my parents house for the weekend. After posting Zeva's picture and story on Facebook, a friend of mine told her mom about Zeva and she agreed to take her. She now lives on 5 acres near Shelby Forest and has two other dogs to play with. Dogs that love her and love playing with her. I am very happy for her but I've been sad ever since she left our house. She was a member of our family and this was just so hard for us. Every morning I wake up and expect her to be on the pillow next to me. Every afternoon, I expect her to be waiting on me at the door when I come home. Barney has been our dog for 8 years now, but he's in deep poop with me. Because he's just a jealous guy, we have had to get rid of the sweetest girl you've ever met.
All that being said, I hope Zeva is very happy at her new home. I know that it will get easier over time. I want to go visit her but I'm afraid that I'll want to sneak her out of there and run away with her. Hopefully she understands that I did this because I love her dearly.

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