Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime Blues

I feel bad for Peyton, I really do. It's summertime. All kids live for summertime. Although we have gone to the beach this summer, Peyton is seriously bored to tears. Graham takes him to my parents house at 6:30 in the morning and picks him up around 3 in the afternoon. Some days, he stays with our neighbors though. My parents are working really hard to keep him entertained and find fun things for him to do. They are going to the zoo tomorrow so that will be fun.
Today, my good friend Tamara took Peyton to her in-law's house to hang out with her son all day. They had so much fun. Jacob's grandma fixed them breakfast and lunch, they played, played, and played some more. He had so much fun! He went one time last summer too and he's talked about it non-stop ever since. I have a feeling he'll be talking about today for a while too.
We just found out today that Graham's parents are going to take Peyton, Chandler and Carter to Gulf Shores on Sunday. They'll be gone for a few days and I'm sure they will have a blast. There is some oil on the beach but there are so many things to do down there. They have a great water park, great shopping, Lulu's Restaurant, a huge ferris wheel and the condo has a pool. Peyton is really looking forward to this. This will help cure his summertime blues....for a few days anyway.

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