Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Dining Room Artwork

So, not much new going on here at the Jones house. I'm still working on filling up all of these empty places in our home. We needed artwork for the dining room so I went and bought a canvas last weekend and got to work on a painting. I am not an artist by ANY stretch of the imagination...okay so I'd like to imagine that I was. I wanted to paint a fleur de lis with texture on it.
I started by painting the canvas a dark chocolate brown (the color we painted our bathroom ceiling in the downstairs half bathroom). I drew the design on the canvas with a toothpick while the paint was a little wet still. Then I put glue down on the design. I crinkled up tissue paper and tore it in little pieces, then I glued them down on the canvas. Once I got it all in place, I painted the whole thing the same blue color that we painted our dining room walls. I added some copper paint tonight for accents in various places. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 4. Only because, it's the cheapest artwork I own. $20 for the piece of canvas and everything else, I already had. I bought another piece and I'm going to paint something for our bedroom. Stay tuned for details on that. Here are some pictures of it, the beginning process and the end result.

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