Thursday, December 31, 2009

So much has happened since October 7 when I last posted. We put our house up for sale, luckily sold it in only 45 days but they were 45 very L------O-----N------G days. Anything that could go wrong along the way, did. Then after we moved out, we were temporarily homeless. We had found a new house in Arlington that we fell in love with but we weren't sure if we'd be able to get it or not. It was owned by the bank and anytime you deal with a bank, you have to jump through hoops. After trying and trying, we finally got the house though. We moved into our new house on December 4th. It is everything that we could have dreamed of in a house and more. Graham has his 3 car garage, I have the double front doors (lame I know, but I have always wanted them), and Peyton has an entire upstairs to call his own. The dogs have plenty of room to run around in the big back yard too. The neighborhood is full of little boys Peyton's age and they are all great friends. They run around playing Army and creating military scenarios in the vacant lots around us. So we moved in on December 4th and Peyton's birthday was the next Saturday. With it being the holidays, Graham was working 10+ hours a day, everyday so we decided to have Peyton a small birthday party at our house on December 11th. That meant, we moved in on the 4th and had to get the house semi-ready for family and friends on the 11th. But hey, it was great motivation and it all worked out. The house looked great, we had friends and family over for a small celebration and had some great food.
We had also just bought The Beatles Rockband (which is SO much fun if you have never played it) so we took turns playing that at the party. We let Peyton have three of his friends from school spend the night too. Big mistake! Four boys is a big undertaking. They went to bed around 12:30 maybe and were up by 6am. Graham had to work at 10 so he was exhausted.
After the birthday, we had one more hurdle for the year....Christmas. Christmas should be a wonderful time of year where families get together and have fun, sing Kumbaya and eat Smores. Let's just say, our families are challenged in the department of getting together and enjoying each other's company. Graham had to work late on Christmas Eve but we went to my parents and opened up gifts. Then we had our parents over for Christmas morning and fixed brunch for everyone. After a couple of major road blocks that morning, it worked out great and everyone had a fabulous time.
That brings us to today, New Year's Eve. We never go anywhere on New Year's Eve. The city is full of enough crazy folks throughout the year so we don't take any chances. Most of our friends have young kids so we decided to have a party at our house where everyone can bring their kids. Whoever thought we'd be having a New Year's Eve party without alcohol but it will be a darn good time. I have made party hats for everyone, each family is bringing food and we're going to play Taboo, Outburst, Rockband and whatever other games we can find. I'll post pictures soon after.
In the meantime, I hope 2009 has been good for everyone and I wish everyone a wonderful 2010.

Happy New Year and please Be Careful out there!

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