Monday, April 20, 2009

Yuck, it's Monday. Last week flew by and then unfortunately, the weekend did too. Friday, I stopped by my parent's house to pick up Peyton and I took Bailey home with us for the weekend. It was great! He seemed really excited to be home, and Barney was of course overjoyed to see him. He walked around and followed me everywhere, all weekend. I think it was too much for him because Sunday afternoon, he quit walking again. He tucked his back toes under like he did two weeks ago. I took him back to my parent's house yesterday and he started walking again within a matter of an hour. I guess the weekend just wore him out. So he's back over there for the week and then hopefully this Friday, I can bring him home for good. It's great watching him make progress but it's very hard to watch him go backwards. I should have probably listened to my husband and left him at my parent's house but I just couldn't. Bailey laid in the bed with me Friday night and Saturday and we just watched TV and lounged around. It was a nice relaxing weekend with the rain.
Baseball practice has started back for Peyton. His first practice was Saturday at 3pm (great time huh?). This is his first time playing baseball, he played t-ball a couple of years ago, but he hasn't played since. I hope this goes well for him. He just loves to be out there playing with kids and running in the outdoors so it should be perfect for him. We bought his cleats and baseball pants this weekend and he wants to wear the baseball pants all of the time. He asked me last night if he could have my Yankees jersey so he could wear it with them. I'm afraid not! I told him he can borrow it, but it's mine. Ü But I'm glad to see he is showing interest in baseball. Afterall, it is America's favorite pastime!!
My parents have a swing out on their deck with a canopy over it. The canopy has rotted over the years and they were going to just buy a new $200 swing because the canopy they needed, cannot be purchased anywhere. I convinced them to let me make one so my dad and I went to Hancock's yesterday and bought the fabric. It's gorgeous and it was only $29. Not bad at all!
So we took it over to their house and I laid the old canopy on top of the fabric to try and make a pattern. I just wasn't getting it. We called their neighbor (who is like my second mother) and she came over and helped us right out with it. After we cut out the pieces and thought about it very carefully, we took it across the street to her house and she sewed it up. She has a surger too so that made things oh SEW quick and easy. I'll have to take a picture of it but the swing has never looked better.
Have a great week!!

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